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Combining Tree Care Experience and Expertise

R & J Tree Service, Inc is dedicated to improving the curb appeal of your home by planting, pruning, trimming, stump grinding, and removing trees and shrubs. As all-around tree care experts, we handle everything from shrubs to cacti and every other plant in between.

We’re familiar with growing plants in both the High Desert and Victor Valley regions. Enlist our services and your home will be surrounded by beautiful, thriving plant life.

How It All Began

Working diligently and gaining valuable experience in the local tree care industry for more than 25 years, company owner Richard Staffieri observed the ongoing trend in Victorville, California, and other High Desert areas.

He saw how popular tree service providers were undercutting the competition by lying about license and insurance status, charging outrageous prices, or not following through with agreements.

In 2006, Richard decided to create an alternative choice: a legit, fair, and reliable tree service that always puts the customer first.

Our Mission

We’re here to enrich the community by providing affordable, professional, and prompt service. Constantly developing and employing the skills of individual team members, we've always focused on our local areas, but we're happy to travel to help customers a little further away. Give us a call to find out more information.

This way, we save on travel and overhead expenses. By doing so, we do away with the need to charge you more for our services.

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Bank on Our Solid Reputation

Receive optimal service quality characterized by accountability, dedication, and safety awareness. This further reinforces our reputation as a company every family can proudly rely on.